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Our Staff & Partners

Our trained and experienced professional staff will set up the portable safety community.  They will conduct in classroom activities.  In addition, they will guide hands-on practice with safety equipment. They will also guide the children riding through the safety community, with about 10 volunteers from your organization, to reinforce the lessons taught to them earlier during the classroom activities.



Copy of IMG_1310(2)     Safety to Go Staff photo 2019 2020

Safety to Go water Safety Ellie     Lt Benton and CMSD officer

Partners     Classroom Lesson Janet

Captain Sultzer     CPD Officers

Safety to Go staff photo2019     STG Janet boat rescue

STG staff at fundraiser     Lt Benton CMSD

CPD with Carol from MetroHealth    CPD femail officer

thumbnail_Bus and table     thumbnail_CMSD building copy

thumbnail_CMSD course photo     thumbnail_CMSD police building photo

thumbnail_MetroHealth building copy     thumbnail_MetroHealth Building

thumbnail_STG boat     Officer CMSD