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Everyone is talking about Safety to Go!

I had the pleasure of working directly with Carol Mains and her Safety To Go Program. The program is well researched, well organized and developmentally appropriate for primary aged students. The hands-on learning experience that my students received is irreplaceable of any book or video that can be shown. Carol is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, reliable, and above all, a dedicated educator who truly cares for children. I highly recommend this program to any school or building leader!”

Victoria King
Principal of Douglas MacArthur Girls Leadership Academy
“Carol Mains and the staff from Safety to Go did an absolutely wonderful job for our summer camp. We host a summer camp for children and teens with autism, other disabilities and typically developing peers. She interacted with the campers and kept everyone engaged in learning. The students really enjoyed sharing part of their day with such fantastic teachers.”
Eileen Hawkins
President of The Autism Society of Greater Cleveland
“Safety to Go is a wonderful program that provides young children with tools and the opportunity to experience and understand the elements of safety in their environment. The Executive Director, Carol Mains is an amazing educator. She has many years of experience and delivers high quality instruction through a variety of modalities. The children love the program.”
Toni Miller
Principal of Stepstone Academy
“I was very impressed with the Safety to Go program and the staff. The program is “hands on” and my preschool students had fun while learning about safety. I highly recommend this program to other schools.”
Kim Forkapa
Teacher at Metro Catholic
“Safety to Go is a wonderful program that is needed in Cleveland Schools. My kindergarteners enjoyed learning about safety and talked about the lessons long after the program ended. I look forward to having the program return in the future.”
Mary Ann Mcdonnell
Teacher at Denison School
“While teaching in the Cleveland schools my students experienced Safety to Go for several years. The children and parents simply loved it and my students learned a lot while having fun. It is age appropriate and very interactive. It is a wonderful in school field trip and you will hear your students singing the songs and the rhymes to help them remember the safety rules. I highly recommend Safety to Go to all elementary teachers in all school districts.”
Stacie Crowell
Teacher at Warrensville Middle School
“Our K-2 students loved the Safety to Go Program. They learned so much in a fun and well organized professional manner. I highly recommend Safety to Go to all primary teachers throughout the city.”
Agnes Doell
Teacher at St. Mary Byzantine
“Thank you Carol Mains for bringing Safety to Go to our school. Our students loved this program, especially the tricycles and the traffic light. They learned to be safe while having a great time.”
Lori Dagon
Teacher at Warner Girls Leadership Academy
“I’m so grateful my daughter had an opportunity to participate in the Safety to Go program at her school. The lessons were relevant to her life, especially Stranger Danger and the anti-bullying messages. She really enjoyed the kid sized hands on activities. Safety to Go made learning seem like play. What a great way to support the health and safety of our children. Thank you Safety to Go!”
Virginia Runner
Parent in North Olmsted
“Safety to Go helped my kindergarten students become aware of traffic safety and how to prevent injuries while riding their bikes and playing outside. The equipment was developmentally appropriate and the situations mimicked real life experiences. They enjoyed the program so much they kept asking to complete the course again once they had passed. I would recommend Safety to Go to schools, child care centers, recreation centers or home-school parents who want a fun, but educational program for their young children.”
TeKara Ray-Carnegie
Teacher at Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District
“As the parent of two children who have participated in the Safety to Go program, I must say I am very pleased with the program. My children enjoyed the program and learned the importance of practicing safe habits while riding in a vehicle, riding a bike, crossing streets and calling for emergency assistance. As a parent and former teacher’s aide, I would recommend this program to all schools. I believe it is a great way for the children to learn the importance of Safety procedures while having fun and being interactive.”
Madeline G Woodberry
Parent at Metro Catholic
“I loved when Safety to Go came to our school. The children enjoyed riding the bikes while learning and they had so much fun.”
Marangely Ortiz
Preschool Aide at Metro Catholic School